Report of the passage in the program "في زاوية نقاش" On CIRTA FM radio, Constantine, July 21, 2019.


Report of the passage in the program «في زاوية نقاش» On CIRTA FM radio, Constantine, July 21, 2019.

In the year two thousand and nineteen and from July twenty-one at 11.00, we participated in a radio program entitled «في زاوية نقاش» (in a discussion corner), at the headquarters of regional radio Cirta FM, hosted by Mrs. Leyla BOUZIDI.

  • Discussions around the establishment of a new master on the management of environmental change MEHmed.
  • Discussions around the policy of the University of Constantine 3 and various projects relating to the environment.
    Were present:
  • Dr Ouided SMISHI, Training officer, Salah Boubnider University, Constantine 3 and specialist in communication and information
  • Dr Fouad BOUZEHZEH, Head of Department, Institute of Urban Technical Management (GTU), Salah Boubnider University, Constantine 3
  • Dr Latifa BOULAHIA, Head of MEHmed Project, Salah Boubnider University, Constantine 3
  • Ms. Leyla BOUZIDI, Journalist and host of the program في زاوية نقاش
  • The moderator gave the floor to Dr Bouzehzeh who gave an overall update on land development policy in Algeria and that of the environment at the level of the city of Constantine in particular. He recalled the experience of existing masters already at the level of the Institute of Urban Technical Management, in particular that of Eco-management and waste management.
    As for Dr Smishi, she enriched the debate by evoking the policy of Constantine 3 University in connection with training relating to environmental management, especially the creation of the YEBDA center for entrepreneurship within the framework of the project. ERASMUS + and the possibility of creating green companies.
    Dr Boulahia has announced the opening, from September 2020, of a new international master on environmental change in the Mediterranean MEHmed as part of ERASMUS +, which is in the accreditation phase. She discussed the procedures for selecting candidates, partner universities from the South and North Shore, the coordinating university of Girona, socio-economic partners and without forgetting the major concern for employability later.
    The broadcast lasted one hour and ended at 12.00 p.m.
    Latifa BOULAHIA.