Monitoring Visit Organised by National Erasmus Office+ Algérie 17th July, 2020


Monitoring Visit Organised by National Erasmus Office+ Algérie 17th July, 2020

On July 17, 2020, took place a Zoom -Meeting organized by the National Erasmus+ Algeria Office with the universities of the consortium from Algeria. 

The meeting was attended by Pr. Chaouki Benabbas coordinator1 and Dr. Latifa Boulahia coordinator of university of UC3, Dr. Abdelhak Hellati of university of BBA, Dr Belkacem Absar of university of Mostaganem and Ms. Kebri Malika, NEO national coordinator  with whom different topics were raised, discussed and agreed.

To begin with, three Algerian partners’ university of Constantine 3, university of Bordj Bouarreridj and university of Mostaganem will write a joint letter to the ministry in order to speed up the accreditation process. 

From the consortium point of view, there is an existing need for better and closer collaboration between partners in Algeria. Better communication and trying to complement each other in order to prepare for the launch of the Master. A national meeting should be organized in one of the three universities. 

It is true that exchange experiences and help each other for a better dissemination of the Mehmed project improves the common work to increase the visibility of the project, for this reason all Algerian partners agreed on prepare open days during the next academic year.

As a matter of fact, the ERASMUS Algeria office encourages Algerian partners  to collaborate more with the Maghreb partners in order to create a core network which will work on environmental problems; of course, in collaboration with partners from EU.

Finally, all the participants unanimously emphasized the appropriateness and relevance of the training and the theme of the Master.