University of Constantine 3

University of Constantine 3


University of Constantine 3 was created by Executive Decree No. 11-402 of 03 Moharram 1433 corresponding to November 28, 2011, creating the University of Constantine 3. It entered into force at the beginning of September 2013. Inscribed in the part of the five-year program (2005-2009) initiated by the President of the Republic Mr. A. BOUTEFLIKA and with a surface of 170 hectares divided into 30 plots. The University of Constantine 3 located at extension UV 05, new city Ali Mendjeli 13 km from the capital of the wilaya of Constantine.

Some key dates:

• April 2008 Start of work for a period of 41 months.

• November 28, 2011 the creation decree of the University of Constantine 3.

• September 19, 2012 appointment of Professor H. BOUKERZAZA as Rector of the University.

• June 05, 2013 date of appointment of Mr. A. ZELLA Secretary General of the University.

• June 05, 2013 date of appointment of Mr. B. RIBOUH Vice Rector of the University.

• January 2013 date of creation of the Administrative Council of the university.

• March 17, 2013, the date of the creation of the Pedagogical Council of the university.

• July 2013 enrollment of new graduates at the university level.

• October 2013 University entrance to the university.

• July 21, 2016 date of appointment of Professor Ahmed BOURAS as new Rector of the university.

• On February 21, 2017, the name Salah Boubnider Constantine 3 was awarded to the university.