University of Mostaganem


Established in 1969, the Institute of Agricultural Technology (ITA of Mostaganem), which trained Engineers in Applied Agronomy, was established as a higher education institution in 1978, the date of the birth of the University Center of Mostaganem, which will ensure higher education in Biology, Common Core of Medical Sciences and Chemistry. In 1984, a new restructuring in ENS and INES was carried out (ENS / Fundamental Sciences, ENS / Physical Education and Sports, INES biology and INES industrial chemistry). In 1992 the university center of Mostaganem is reinstalled. The University of Mostaganem Abdelhamid Ibn Badis «UMAB» was created in 1998 by Executive Decree No. 98-220 of July 07, 1998. Since then, the University of Mostaganem has experienced a rapid growth in its infrastructure and capacity, as well as the growth of its staff and students. The efforts of its leaders, managers and teachers have allowed UMAB to successfully cross a series of qualitative steps that have made Mostaganem a true academic hub in the entire Western Region of the country and well beyond.