Steering Committee (SC) Meeting Constantine 3

A new successful SC meeting of the Mehmed project was held at the University of Constantine 3.

Steering Committee (SC) Meeting Constantine 3

After the meetings in Girona, Sousse and Paris, it was the turn of the SC meeting organized by the University of Constantine 3 (Algeria) on 9th and 10th of December.

First of all, this fourth meeting of the project has been a milestone to present the structure of the master’s degrees that have been accredited by the competent administrations in each country. Master’s degrees have a common part for all project partners which is a set of subjects that give solidity to the project and the different masters and at the same time allow them to be identified as a shared component of a joint initiative.

Secondly, each master’s degree presented the structure of its specific part most closely linked to the expertise of each university. The rest of the work packages of the project were reviewed, especially in order to monitor the quality of the master’s degrees once teaching began and the satisfaction of the students. These reviews of the work packages include the planification of mobility of students and teachers and also a detailed review of the project dissemination initiatives that have been developed, as well as those planned at the time of teaching.

Finally, the review of the economic situation and administrative issues led to the presentation of an innovative green entrepreneurship project «The Switchers Support Programme» which links with the main concern of promoting professional opportunities for Mehmed master’s students.