The first Master started today in the Université Mohamed Premier (UMP)

Extraordinary interest in the master as a total of 1400 students have pre-registered

The first Master started today in the Université Mohamed Premier Oujda (UMP)

Today took place the beginning of the master in the UMP which has aroused great interest since there have been a total of 1,400 students pre-registered and consequently a very competitive selection of those to be part of this first master’s promotion.

Throughout the session, the need to have the best and most motivated students has been highlighted, given the challenges that must be faced in order to both mitigate and adapt to environmental and climate changes. No citizen, no city, no territory, no country, no region, no continent today faces a greater challenge. And to face this challenge, great alliances are needed that overcome any kind of suspicion. Therefore, it is so important to work on collective and collaborative projects, such as the Mehmed project combining the generous efforts of 14 partners, 11 universities and 6 Mediterranean countries for a joint training. Mehmed offers new training opportunities and professional opportunities to our students in a job market that is also shared with the rest of society, facing the multiple challenges of present and future environmental changes. Even more urgent will be the focus on declarations in areas of the planet as sensitive and exposed as the entire Mediterranean basin.

Finally, the session has concluded with special thanks to the work done by the project coordinator at the UMP and the master’s coordinator at the UMP, as well as his generosity that has also allowed taking the first steps to extend the collaboration between the institutions at the research level.