Steering Committee (SC) Meeting Sassari

A new successful online SC meeting of the Mehmed project was held by University of Sassari.

Steering Committee (SC) Meeting Sassari

MEHmed consortium was to meet at the University of Sassari, Italy, but due to the Covid-19 situation, the meeting was held virtually.

During this two-day meeting (July 6 and 7, 2021) chaired by Alessandra Casu, the academic responsible of each partner university presented  the first year of the master’s degree at each partner university and the project coordinator at the University of Girona (Josep Vila-Subirós) gave a project overview, and next steps to be done in the project were discussed by the consortium.

We were very pleased to have the presence of our EU officer Elena Palavrova, our external evaluator Amel Jabrane, Nesrine Baklouti from the NEO Tunisa, as well as different professionals and representatives from Sassari and all partner countries.

The meeting had several purposes:

1) To put together and draw first comparative conclusions from the first year of the master’s implementation. What are the commonalities and differences between each country and university? How can we take these findings further towards more specific and in-depth improvement of the second year of the master’s and the next edition of the Mehmed master’s?

2) To promote the interdisciplinary discussion: What are the students’ needs and MEHmed master’s experiences? Which first observations and findings will be amenable for a second year master’s degree implementation?

3) To incorporate the opinion and advises of the students. With this objective,  a round table was organized with  the participation of students from the eight partner country universities from the Maghreb.